Current Restoration Project

Restoration can be an exciting process, both for the artist and the client.

The method that we use is what you might call "digital painting". Our arsenal of tools include professional grade software capable of several "blanket" filter effects. However, even though these tools can provide a decent result, we have found that the highest quality outcome (for both restoration and retouching) comes only from hand painting, digitally.

Current project underway ...

The smallest (in size only) project yet. This is a locket photo taken in 1911 I believe. Measuring smaller than my thumbnail at about a 1/2 inch square. We will be attempting a restoration and enlargement to a minimum of 5"x5" print.

Mouse over for final

Sometimes, I am amazed at the transformation. .


1. The original


 After about 5 hours ...


It's coming together nicely now. Next will be the more detailed areas.

The badge areas of the uniform will need to be cleaned up. However, all major details are present, making this a more simple process.


Final Restoration: 9 hours








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